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Are online consultations legal?

As per MCI guidelines, there are no restrictions on consulting with a patient online. Today, patients and doctors interact with each other digitally over various mediums. Jolpie offers a secure, encrypted platform for doctors to connect with patients online. It allows patients and doctors to interact at their own convenience, although, we do recommend patients to not consult online for emergency cases.

Are patients comfortable in consulting online?

Yes! Millions of patients have asked health queries or consulted a doctor online. Online consultation helps patients who lack time or don’t have access to healthcare providers nearby.

How long is an online consultation on Jolpie?

Online paid consultations on Jolpie are active for 48 hours i.e. a patient can chat with you anytime within 48 hours. Maximum 3 reply a patient can make during a single consultation.

How will I receive payments?

Jolpie receives payments on behalf of the doctors and settles it on a weekly basis. This is to ensure that you get the final amount (including refunds, if any).

How quickly do I have to respond to patients?

Patients appreciate a quick response. Currently, we let patients know that you’d respond within 24 hours for a free question and within an hour for a paid consultation. If you do not respond to a paid consultation, a full refund is issued to the patient.

Will I receive consultations at midnight?

You will receive a consultation whenever a patient initiates a transaction. For all paid transactions, there is a 24 hour active period. So, if you do get a consultation late at night or during a procedure, you can respond as soon as it’s convenient for you.

What happens if I’m unable to diagnose a patient online?

In a scenario where you believe a physical examination is necessary for you to understand the patient’s medical problem, you can cancel the consultation. The patient will receive a full refund in this case.

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