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HealthCare Directory

No matter where you are located, Find your Nearest HealthCare

  • Search for Doctors by Location
  • Search for Hospitals by Location
  • Search for Diagnostic Centres by Location

Appointment Manager

You no longer have to wait in lines! Book your Apointment from just about anywhere.

  • Book Appointment
  • Cancel Appointment
  • Record your Appointment History

You no longer have to wait in lines to get an Appointment. Jolpie allows Doctor's to create their own chambers.

  • Create Chamber
  • Add holidays
  • Cancel Appointments
  • Print Your Appointment list
  • Record your Appointment history

Online Consultancy

Consult with your Doctor Online. Whether to you are stuck in the traffic or feeling too sick to travel, just go online and find your necessary health care from the Doctor of your own choice.

Online Prescription

Never lose your prescriptions again. Jolpie offers Doctors the chance to create online prescriptions and to store them for future references. Patient's can access their prescriptions from anywhere they want

  • Prescribe Online
  • Save Prescriptions
  • Upload Prescriptions
  • Print your prescriptions

Social Network

Never lose touch with your friends. Interact with your fellow colleagues.

  • Group Discussions
  • Network by Condition
  • Messaging
  • Social Profile

Care at Home

Looking for Health Care at home? Choose your service and we will send you an expert care giver.

  • Maternity & Child Care
  • Nursing
  • Doctor
  • Attendant
  • Physiotherapy
  • Pathology
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Jolpie for Business

Promote yourself and your work and get the attention you deserve!

  • Demography Based Targeting
  • Geography Based Targeting
  • Advertising Management Console
  • Support both pay per view & pay per click
jolpie android app

Jolpie Android App

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download jolpie app from google playstore