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Hair loss problem
Asked for Male, 35 Years

05 Aug,18 08:34 pm

Hair loss problem from last 4 year can u please solve this hair problem .i need homiopath.


Dr. Tasnuva Nuzhat Chowdhury

General Physician

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Health Tips For Control Of Hair Fall Hair fall is experienced by most individuals in their lifetime . Most of the time hair fall goe unnoticed if the density of hair is good . Patients experience the hair fall though they are taking good diet and infact water intake is normal and even if they dont have any significant systemic disease. 1.Don't go for hair straightening and vigrous heat treatments if you are having hair fall . Its a myth that straightening would prevent hair fall . 2.Cover your hair when you are taking steam , sauana , or hot water bath 3.Treat your hair as a baby and pamper them . Dont use harsh shampoos and soap instead use a mild medicated shampoo and conditioner and infact wash your hair minimum twice in a week 4. Dont comb the hair when they are wet , let them dry a bit before you comb 5. You can oil the hair 1 hr. before shampooing or washing , no neec to apply oil overnight . 6.Males And females have different pattern of hair loss and needs separate consideration and treatment .

05 Aug 2018 08:36 pm

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